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Friday on my mind- completion day

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  • Friday remains the most popular day to complete on a house or start a new rental tenancy. 40% of all property sales over the past year have completed on a Friday and a quarter of new rental tenancies were started.
  • While this may come as no surprise, the proportion of sales completing on a Friday is lower than five years ago, the figure then was 48%. This past year has however seen Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday fall on a Friday.
  • With finance transfers less of an issue in the rental market, 20% of new tenancies have started at a weekend.
  • 10% of all new tenancies started over the past year have been on just ten specific dates in the year. These dates all correspond with either the start or the end of a month. Source: Dataloft, DRMA, Land Registry, based on sales and new tenancies started over the past 12 months

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