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What’s happening in Havant's property market?

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"What’s happening in today’s Havant property market?” is not the right question to ask…

As an established, local, estate agent, we advise people every day about selling their homes.  We give our recommendations on what price people should ask for their house in the current market, how best to position it in the market and the strategies to get the best possible result… but how do we go about doing this?

Many estate agents will assess the value of a property by looking at similar properties that have sold in the local area in recent months, along with looking at other properties that are currently on the market that compare in size, accommodation and location.  This is all pretty standard stuff for estate agents, but all it tells us is what the market did in the past and what it’s doing today.  In order to give the best advice to people looking to come to the market, what estate agents should be doing is looking to what will be happening tomorrow!

The market has changed considerably over the last 12 months and it continues to evolve as we see the impact of regular inflation rate announcements, interest rate decisions from the Bank of England and changes to mortgage rates on an almost weekly basis.  We also see subtle changes in buyer behaviour, confidence and activity.  Being able to piece all these elements together can make the difference in both how quickly a property could sell and how much it could sell for.  Judging a property on what happened yesterday will not help us to get the best result tomorrow.

At Chapplins, our honest, straightforward advice comes from years of experience of selling homes in all sorts of different market conditions.  We understand that our clients need to know how best to promote their home for the market conditions ahead of us, not a market that has already passed us by.  This proactive, rather than reactive, approach is what has made Chapplins stand out from the crowd for over two and a half decades.

If you would like to have a chat about selling your home, call us on 02392 482261 and we’d be very happy to help.  Alternatively, you can e-mail our Havant office at or to book your free valuation click HERE.


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