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Which rooms add the most value to your home?

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The rooms that typically add the most value to a house can vary based on several factors including location, market trends, and buyer preferences. However, some rooms tend to have a more universally appealing impact on a home's value:

  1. Kitchen: Upgrading the kitchen often yields high returns. Modern, well-designed kitchens are attractive to buyers and can significantly boost a home's value.

  2. Bathrooms: A renovated or added bathroom can add substantial value. Extra bathrooms or remodeled ones, especially en-suites, tend to appeal to buyers.

  3. Outdoor Space: Patios, decks, or well-landscaped gardens can increase a home's value by extending living space and providing an area for relaxation and entertainment.

  4. Additional Living Space: Finished basements, attics converted into usable space, or adding an extra room (like a home office or outbuilding) can add value by increasing the overall square footage.

  5. Energy-Efficient Features: Installing energy-efficient windows, insulation, or sustainable features like solar panels can attract environmentally-conscious buyers and add value over time due to reduced utility costs.

  6. Curb Appeal: Improving the exterior of the house such as repainting, adding a new roof or enhancing the front garden, creates a strong first impression and can increase the perceived value.

Remember, while these rooms often contribute significantly to a home's value, the specific impact can vary based on local trends and the preferences of potential buyers in a given market. Consulting with a member of our team for additional guidance will help enable you to optimise your property's value and appeal.

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