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Auction Sales

Selling properties at Auction has become really popular in recent years and naturally we have looked at the best way of helping our clients to secure the best possible solution. The key to successfully selling at Auction is all about circulating the information to the widest audience possible. This method of sale is really unlike traditional sales where the majority of sales still come from the local community they serve. Auction buyers don’t often care about geography they are looking at development potential and profitability as well as unusual opportunities.

Clearly we could just create our own little Auction house as many of our contemporaries have done but this really is not good enough in this sector and could even have a very negative affect on selling price as the audience needs to be widespread to achieve the best price. So we look at this totally differently just talk to your local office and they will discuss your property and arrange for one of the south of Englands largest Auction houses to give you a call. With coverage from Kent to Cornwall you can rely on them to reach the largest professional audience possible and consequently feel confident that you really have achieved the best price.

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