Chapplins Director - Fundraising for young man with brain tumour.

Kerry Applin Director of Chapplins Estate Agents in Havant is hosting a fund raising quiz night to help make the future brighter for a local young man Tyler Murphy

In 2010, at the age of 12, Tyler started suffering from really bad headaches and sickness at night.  He was told that he was having migraines, but it became pretty clear that it was something far more serious.

 Tyler was admitted to Chichester Hospital, and when he had an MRI scan, he was found to have a Brain Tumour.  Tyler was instantly transferred to Southampton Hospital, and had surgery that night.  This procedure removed as much of the tumour as was possible, but it wasn't safe to remove it all.

 Tyler spent weeks in hospital, and underwent a further 6 operations.  These treatments left Tyler in a wheelchair, his vision impaired, and with severe nausea issues.  Part of Tyler's treatment required him to take steroids which caused Tyler to gain weight.


Over the following months, he fought to regain his fitness, through Physio & Hydro therapy.  He worked tirelessly to lose the weight, and become mobile again.  This took a huge amount of courage and determination.

 Tyler then had to attend Moorefield's Eye Hospital in London, however after 3 operations, he has had to accept that the damage to his eyesight is permanent.

 In the middle of 2013, it was apparent that Tyler's health was deteriorating again, and in January 2014, he had to undergo 6 weeks of Radio therapy, and yet another operation.  After working hard to recover again, 2016 brought further complications & yet more operations

 Throughout all of this, Tyler has remained positive and upbeat.  He is determined to increase awareness of Brain Tumours in children & has done many Radio, Video and Newspaper interviews

 Tylers trust.

During the months spent in various hospitals in Chichester, Southampton & London, Tyler was always really cheered up by receiving post, and little presents.


During Tyler's time undergoing his Radio Therapy, he came into contact with other children having treatment.  In his last week, he bought the 2 children in the house a comic and a toy. 

 The response he received, was the driving force behind the setting up of Tyler's Trust

 Tyler now brings a little sunshine into local children's lives, who have been diagnosed with a Brain Tumour, or are suffering from a Life Threatening condition. His aim is to provide each child with a balloon in a box, together with a box of goodies, which will include items such as :- Teddy Bear, Bandana, Mug, Journal, Pens, Sweets and a voucher. He does not want to forget any siblings, and they too will receive one of these boxes.?

The Trust's has evolved & they now also supply parental bags to the children's wards at several hospitals, which contain essential hygiene items to be used by families admitted as emergency's as well as toys & other equipment.


Together for Tyler Quiz Night.

Last year Tyler faced the prospect of totally removing the tumour - which has always been considered too risky - or palliative care. He survived the operation but need 3 further surgeries after complications. Unfortunately he now has no feeling in his left hand side, has impaired vision and a number of other issues. He now has to live downstairs in his lounge.

“Together for Tyler” is trying to raise £30k to build a downstairs bedroom and wet room to help give Tyler back some independence.

And this is where Kerry is trying to make a difference by running a fundraising quiz night. Its on the 30th November 2018 at the Chichester Park Hotel Chichester at 7.00pm  Cost is £12.00 for adults and under 16 is £8.00 to include a hot buffet.

Tickets do need to be booked in advance to allow us to have numbers for food. If you would like to attend then contact Kerry on 02392 482261 or

Donations can be made at