Chapplin's invest in 3D Virtual immersive Tours

Buyers and sellers will understandably be very nervous about property viewings once the pandemic is over and at Chapplins we want to do everything we can to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible.

So, we have created two bespoke choices for our customers going forwards depending on budget.

Firstly we have created a simple “property tour route” which is a sequence of still photographs knitted together and made into a Vimeo with some accompanying music. The result looks impressive and gives a good overall impression whilst not taking too long to create.

However, we are now ready to expand the rollout of our leading “Virtual Reality” product, Matterport. This is impressive technology and has historically been reserved for “high end” properties and large commercial projects worldwide.

It takes about one hour at the property and another hour back at base to create a fully immersive tour. The results are stunning and can even be viewed through the Samsung Gear VR headsets or the popular Google Cardboard goggles.

Give us a call to find out which solution is best for you and click both highlighted links above to see a simple property tour and the second one will give you a Matterport Fly through on one of our properties.

If you want to see Chapplins Google article on this subject please Click here