Chapplins Lunch New Website

Chapplins are excited to announce the launch of their New Responsive Website.

We hope you are enjoying our new website packed full of new features.

With the constant change in technology, with more smart phones available day by day, our website needed to be able to display all of our properties in the best possible way on all different sizes of devices.

It is amazing to think that when we opened our doors in 1996 that we did not have a computer, internet, apps or mobile phones and yet we still managed to sell properties with a black and white photocopier, electric typewriter and a single stick on photo on our property details.

With our instant need to have information now and always at our fingertips, we neede a new website - our old one was showing its age - and we employed the services of our trusted software partners Resource Techniques and this is the result. We are really pleased and we hope that you find the end result and enjoyable experience.