How far does the average home buyer move?

How far does the average home buyer move?

The typical house move in 2019 turned out to be just nine miles - and large numbers of buyers moved within a mere five miles of their previous home.

The median distance for a house move last year was nine years with 40 per cent of buyers shifting under five miles away; typically, they paid £420 for their removal services.

The busiest day for house moves - Friday August 30, followed by Friday June 28 and Friday September 27. Friday was the most popular day to move throughout the year and movers tended to favour the last week of the month.

Those buying and selling a home typically paid £1,154 for conveyancing, excluding disbursements and expenses such as Land Registry fees. First time buyers meanwhile paid £677 on average.

London received the highest volume of home movers - 12.1 per cent - followed by Birmingham on 3.2 per cent and then Manchester (2.2 per cent).

First time buyers were apparently the driving force in the property market in 2019, accounting for 55.7 per cent of all home purchases throughout the year; over a fifth used a government scheme to help them buy their first home, such as Shared Ownership (14.6 per cent) and Help to Buy (7.3 per cent). If you would like more information on any of these schemes we would be happy to help.

The first timers’ average deposit was £28,800 - some 16 per cent of their average purchase price of £180,000 - while those buying and selling at the same time sold their homes for an average price of £237,000 and bought for an average price of £292,500.

The data has come from home move comparison site reallymoving.