Property Scam

Important information about your house sale. Please take the time to read.

In a new scam buyers are being asked to pay deposit funds into a bogus estate agents account.

In what appears to be an entirely new scam, a bogus email asking for the transfer of funds was sent to a buyer on the point of exchange – not by the alleged conveyancer, but apparently by the bona fide estate agents handling the sale.


The only thing missing from the email was the agent’s logo, a detail unlikely to be noticed by most recipients.

The use of a fake estate agency email account seems a new tactic and could well fool purchasers into parting with large amounts of money, if they have not been explicitly told where funds should be transferred.


The bogus email from the agents said: “Dear . . . 

“I believe it is now appropriate to request from you the deposit fund as I am delighted to hold the deposit monies strictly to your order until exchange

“Please note that I must receive these funds by bank transfer preferably tomorrow so I can confirm this to the sellers solicitors, as soon as you are ready to make settlement the conveyancing bank details will be sent to you upon request of payment





While the email was made to look as though it had come from the legitimate estate agents, it was queried by the purchaser, a client of Portsmouth law firm Warner Goodman.

Fortunately the buyer checked with the firm’s conveyancer, but said she could well have sent money to the fraudster had she not already been asked for the deposit by Warner Goodman.


Estate agents do not request deposit monies.

If you receive an email requesting deposit funds please double check with your conveyancer before sending.