From the 2nd to the 5th of June, Chapplins Director Sue Applin asks for your support as she will be running the Save a Soul Mission in Roseland, New York City. She will lead a mission band onto the streets with the aim of filling the midnight prayer meeting which has been empty for some time with gamblers, liar's and sinners. As you will appreciate this is a big task! During this time she will become Sister Sarah Brown and often burst into song, get a little tipsy, fall in love with a gambler and fly five hours just to have a meal in Havana......but it is all worth it as one dozen or more assorted sinners turn up for the big prayer meeting.....Oh yes, she will also get her man and marries the biggest gambler of them all, Sky Masterson.

If you have not guessed already Directors Sue and Kerry with daughter Rebecca are all performing in the wonderful musical Guys and Dolls. Sue playing Sarah Brown as described above, Kerry as the gambler Sky Masterston and Rebecca as a Hot Box Girl. Tickets are £8 for Wednesday evening and Saturday matinee and £9 for Thursday Friday and Saturday nights. We are performing at the air conditioned Park Community School theatre in Havant from the 2nd to the 5th of June, For tickets please contact Kerry or Sue on 01243 268997 or