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Virtual Tours, Drones and Video content

We want to do everything we can to protect you, your family, the viewers and our staff from the dangers of the Covid 19 virus. We have consequently invested in the very latest and the very best technology to help us to do just that!

We have acquired the world class Matterport system which uses sophisticated software to compile a 3D fully immersive “virtual tour” of your home. It uses a very sensitive High Definition 3 D camera to take multiple shots from every room in your house. Once completed those numerous shots are stitched together using sophisticated software and the results provide viewers with an unbelievable experience.

You will effectively see a cut away image of your property known as a “Dolls House” and then a virtual walk through of your property will be available. Just click on the circles you see in the image to move around the property. In fact, if you have any gamers in your household you would be able to use the Samsung Gear VR headsets or Google Cardboard with a suitable phone and the Matterport VR downloadable app available on Android or IOS. Viewers will also be able to access an accurate measuring tool in the control panel (bottom left) which will help ascertain whether existing or planned furniture will fit where they want it thus reducing the need for additional viewings.

At Chapplins we understand that not every property is suitable for a Matterport solution so we have created our own bespoke “property tour” which still looks very engaging but which is much simpler and quicker to create. We simply assemble a sequence of still photographs knit them together and make them into a Vimeo with some accompanying music. The result looks quite impressive and gives a good overall impression whilst not taking too long to create. Post Covid 19 demand is expected to be very high so please give us a call to find out which solution is best for you and click the image at the top of the page to see a Matterport Fly through on one of our properties.

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